War of the Burning Sky

The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar, Act 1
The Elfroad

As they entered the burning forest, the party came across a group of refugees who’d succumbed to the intense heat and died to the flames – save for one, who lived despite burns that should have been lethal. He was given the mercy of a quick death.

Another encounter introduced another oddity of the forest’s magic. The group was attacked by flaming bats, which returned to life after being killed. They eventually stayed down, but not before resurrecting themselves multiple times.

The group came across a cave where they were able to escape the heat for a short time. Inside, a satchel included business transaction notes that indicated payments in Shahalesti gold to a goblin tribe living in the area.

Further in, a devil named Kazyk approached the party with an offer: leave the case, and their lives would be spared. The party refused, and he provided a counteroffer: if the party would help kill the seela – fey native to the forest who were responsible for the fire.

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 5
The Inquisitor

As the party approached the Fire Forest, they encountered a girl with strange prophetic abilities named Crystin Ja-Nafeel. Her father, Haddin, is a powerful arcanist who refuses to leave his home despite the imminent arrival of an Inquisitional team. Crystin has seen that her destiny lies elsewhere, and is prepared to leave.

As the party tried to convince Haddin to leave his home, they discovered that he was an enchanter known for habitually dominating other peoples’ minds, including his daughter’s.

An Inquisitor attacked the Ja-Nafeel home, and the party defeated him and his minions. When the battle was over, Haddin had decided to return to Gate Pass and aid the resistance, while the party continued on with Torrent and Crystin following along.

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 4
The Road Ahead

After camping outside the city gates overnight, the party was attacked by the Black Horses one final time. They rode through a gauntlet, shattering the bounty hunting group and slaying their leader. When they followed the tracks back to the group’s camp, they found a dead man who had been locked in a cave and left to die from the cold, wrapped in a shroud. The party’s kindness in giving the man a proper burial transformed his makeshift blanket into the Dream Shroud.

The road to Lyceum passed through a newly-formed dwarven kingdom called Diamond Wall. King Marben Diamondheart asked the party to help his fledgling kingdom with engineering and theft problems, which the heroes did so successfully. The King allowed the party to pass through his lands, after hosting a feast for them.

A small grove hid ruins occupied by a starving gnoll and his trained hyenas. The party defeated them, and discovered an old treasure tucked away inside a newly exposed crevice.

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 3
Escaping the City

With an agreement about the military intelligence in place, the time came for the party to escape the city ahead of the entrance of the Inquisitors. They went to the home of Erdan Menash, a Gate Pass councilman who opposed the plan to capitulate to the Ragesians. He was convinced to provide aid, which he did so by providing a pass as part of Captain Herreman’s cavalry patrol.

Before they left, the councilman asked the party to deliver an odd dwarven artifact called the Dianoem to Dougan Rambausen, a dwarf instructor at Lyceum.

On the way to the captain, the party was ambushed by bounty hunters once again; a note revealed they were the Black Horse, whose leader Renard was determined to prevent them from leaving the city. After the fight, a local hero named Rantle asked the party to deliver a scroll case to his sister Katrina, who had left for Lyceum a week prior.

On their way out of the city, the party stopped a sorcerer named Feris from robbing a magic item store. An ally of the resistance, Feris explained his desire to fight against the Inquisition even unto death. The party let him go without alerting the authorities.

As the patrol left the city, a single bell rang out. The Inquisition had entered Gate Pass.

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 2
Retrieving the Case

The party heads for the Depository Tower, Gate Pass’s bank, to meet with the contact in possession of the intelligence they need to deliver to Lyceum. When they arrive, their contact is revealed to be a fake, a plant meant to distract the party while his employer makes use of the case for themselves. The trickery is discovered and the fake attempts to escape.

After the escape is thwarted, and the tower searched by its guards, Rivereye Badgerface – the real contact – is found. He takes the group to one of the resistance’s safe houses in the city. Along the way, the party encounters a Ragesian wyvern-rider whose mount was felled in the fight. The soldier kills a child in his attempt to escape.

After recovering at the safe house, the party is asked to deal with the White Wyrms, a terrorist cell assisting the Ragesian army from inside the city. Defeating the cell reveals a plot to kidnap one of the city’s councilmen, Erdan Menash.

When they return to the safe house, a Ragesian bomb has disturbed the crypts beneath the chapel, and they must defend against freed undead. Afterwards, the party gains a lead on who has the real case – an Eladrin wizard named Shealis Amlauril, a student at Gabal’s School. She is waiting for the completion of a tunnel into something called the Singing Chasm which will allow her escape from the city.

When they reach the school, the heroes find a near-mob frightened into anti-magic hysteria by Ragesian propaganda. A student named Diogenes is holding the gate, and agrees to help the party detain Shealis. She is a powerful wizard, stronger than the party, and eventually negotiates a settlement concerning the case and its contents. She takes them to an Eladrin ghetto within Gate Pass.

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 1
The Secret Meeting

The party gathered in a deserted tavern to meet with a cleric named Torrent to discuss their roles in a new resistance movement against the aggressive nation of Ragesia, whose army is currently moving to besiege the PCs’ home city of Gate Pass. Time is of the essence, because it is believed the city council wishes to surrender to the army instead. Even worse, the council is going to invite Ragesian Inquisitors to scour the city of all magic users.

The party’s mission is to retrieve a case containing military intelligence and escape the city with it, taking the documents south to the resistance’s headquarters in Lyceum. Normally the resistance would simply teleport the case out, but something is wrong with teleportation magic that makes the process incredibly dangerous over long distances.

After escaping an ambush by bounty hunters, the party made their way to the contact while assisting innocents affected by the Ragesians’ attack upon the city.


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