War of the Burning Sky

The Indomitable Fire Forest of Innenotdar, Act 1

The Elfroad

As they entered the burning forest, the party came across a group of refugees who’d succumbed to the intense heat and died to the flames – save for one, who lived despite burns that should have been lethal. He was given the mercy of a quick death.

Another encounter introduced another oddity of the forest’s magic. The group was attacked by flaming bats, which returned to life after being killed. They eventually stayed down, but not before resurrecting themselves multiple times.

The group came across a cave where they were able to escape the heat for a short time. Inside, a satchel included business transaction notes that indicated payments in Shahalesti gold to a goblin tribe living in the area.

Further in, a devil named Kazyk approached the party with an offer: leave the case, and their lives would be spared. The party refused, and he provided a counteroffer: if the party would help kill the seela – fey native to the forest who were responsible for the fire.



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