War of the Burning Sky

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 1

The Secret Meeting

The party gathered in a deserted tavern to meet with a cleric named Torrent to discuss their roles in a new resistance movement against the aggressive nation of Ragesia, whose army is currently moving to besiege the PCs’ home city of Gate Pass. Time is of the essence, because it is believed the city council wishes to surrender to the army instead. Even worse, the council is going to invite Ragesian Inquisitors to scour the city of all magic users.

The party’s mission is to retrieve a case containing military intelligence and escape the city with it, taking the documents south to the resistance’s headquarters in Lyceum. Normally the resistance would simply teleport the case out, but something is wrong with teleportation magic that makes the process incredibly dangerous over long distances.

After escaping an ambush by bounty hunters, the party made their way to the contact while assisting innocents affected by the Ragesians’ attack upon the city.



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