War of the Burning Sky

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 2

Retrieving the Case

The party heads for the Depository Tower, Gate Pass’s bank, to meet with the contact in possession of the intelligence they need to deliver to Lyceum. When they arrive, their contact is revealed to be a fake, a plant meant to distract the party while his employer makes use of the case for themselves. The trickery is discovered and the fake attempts to escape.

After the escape is thwarted, and the tower searched by its guards, Rivereye Badgerface – the real contact – is found. He takes the group to one of the resistance’s safe houses in the city. Along the way, the party encounters a Ragesian wyvern-rider whose mount was felled in the fight. The soldier kills a child in his attempt to escape.

After recovering at the safe house, the party is asked to deal with the White Wyrms, a terrorist cell assisting the Ragesian army from inside the city. Defeating the cell reveals a plot to kidnap one of the city’s councilmen, Erdan Menash.

When they return to the safe house, a Ragesian bomb has disturbed the crypts beneath the chapel, and they must defend against freed undead. Afterwards, the party gains a lead on who has the real case – an Eladrin wizard named Shealis Amlauril, a student at Gabal’s School. She is waiting for the completion of a tunnel into something called the Singing Chasm which will allow her escape from the city.

When they reach the school, the heroes find a near-mob frightened into anti-magic hysteria by Ragesian propaganda. A student named Diogenes is holding the gate, and agrees to help the party detain Shealis. She is a powerful wizard, stronger than the party, and eventually negotiates a settlement concerning the case and its contents. She takes them to an Eladrin ghetto within Gate Pass.



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