War of the Burning Sky

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 3

Escaping the City

With an agreement about the military intelligence in place, the time came for the party to escape the city ahead of the entrance of the Inquisitors. They went to the home of Erdan Menash, a Gate Pass councilman who opposed the plan to capitulate to the Ragesians. He was convinced to provide aid, which he did so by providing a pass as part of Captain Herreman’s cavalry patrol.

Before they left, the councilman asked the party to deliver an odd dwarven artifact called the Dianoem to Dougan Rambausen, a dwarf instructor at Lyceum.

On the way to the captain, the party was ambushed by bounty hunters once again; a note revealed they were the Black Horse, whose leader Renard was determined to prevent them from leaving the city. After the fight, a local hero named Rantle asked the party to deliver a scroll case to his sister Katrina, who had left for Lyceum a week prior.

On their way out of the city, the party stopped a sorcerer named Feris from robbing a magic item store. An ally of the resistance, Feris explained his desire to fight against the Inquisition even unto death. The party let him go without alerting the authorities.

As the patrol left the city, a single bell rang out. The Inquisition had entered Gate Pass.



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