War of the Burning Sky

The Scouring of Gate Pass, Act 5

The Inquisitor

As the party approached the Fire Forest, they encountered a girl with strange prophetic abilities named Crystin Ja-Nafeel. Her father, Haddin, is a powerful arcanist who refuses to leave his home despite the imminent arrival of an Inquisitional team. Crystin has seen that her destiny lies elsewhere, and is prepared to leave.

As the party tried to convince Haddin to leave his home, they discovered that he was an enchanter known for habitually dominating other peoples’ minds, including his daughter’s.

An Inquisitor attacked the Ja-Nafeel home, and the party defeated him and his minions. When the battle was over, Haddin had decided to return to Gate Pass and aid the resistance, while the party continued on with Torrent and Crystin following along.



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