The Living Blade

This wooden blade shaped from the branch of a willow tree holds the passion and vigor of a living forest. Imbued with the life song and vitality of the woodland inhabitants, the Living Blade is a protector and defender of nature.

weapon (melee)

Heroic Level Artifact

The Living Blade first appears as a +2 greatsword with the following properties and powers:

Enhancement Attack rolls and damage rolls.
Critical +2d6 damage.

Property As a free action, you teleport the Living Blade into your hands from up to one mile away. It flares with a green nimbus and white flame when it teleports.

Property Once per day, the Living Blade’s form can change to any type of sword (standard action) and acquires that weapon’s category, group, proficiency bonus, damage die, and properties. Its weight is always 4 lb.

Property You can speak Elven and read the Rellanic script.

Property You gain a +2 bonus to all Nature checks.

Property (At-Will * Fire) Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is fire damage. Normal damage can be returned with another free action.

Property (At-Will) Minor Action. The Living Blade is bound to you and is free to be bound to another, but must be done within 1 minute or the blade’s construct (wood) dies and the artifact moves on immediately. The Living Blade becomes unbound upon your death.

Goals of the Living Blade
*Defend the normal cycle of death and rebirth of nature.
*Give trillith the deaths they so richly deserve.
*Become an inspiration and beacon of hope to woodland races.


The Living Blade

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